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At the Center of it all
That's where you will find me, helping to find solutions where there are problems. I will involve my-self in any place I feel like my presence can lead to a better creation. Helping others comes naturally to me and I hope to improve myself so I be better at helping others!

In the autumn of 2016 I had become severely burnt out on my work life, 3 years of cleaning trains and working in a warehouse had creatively not fullfilled me at all.

So I went on a journey of self discovery and decided to pursue a career in game development. It started at "Högskolan I Skövde" where I studied Sound-design for video games. Here I got to partake in 2 projects, and the setup at the school is such that there is no specific Level-designer student in the teams, and I found that I ended up coming up with ways to put together the pieces we had, to get them to become an actual game.

That's where my journey to becoming a Level designer really started.

I spent 4 years and 3 attempts to get into the prestigious "The Game Assembly" and I was not going to squander this opportunity. I have developed skills in 3d graphics with Blender, I have set up several work pipelines for different engines, including custom created engines by Programming students in my team, I have become familiar with P4V and Perforce in daily use, and I have become very comfortable with Unreal Engine 4.

In team projects I always take a role with a lot of responsibility, I like knowing that my work is essential to the project and it pushes me to try and achieve greater things. All the while I am mediating between Technical Artists, Graphical Artist, programmers and me and my co-Level Designers.


Proffesional Career
As a part of The Game Assembly's Internship program I got a spot on the FPS team at Cloud Imperium Games working on Squadron 42, a Sci-Fi Tactical FPS.


During the internship I got familiarized with the technical side of the Star Engine (Cry Engine with years of custom work) and have now been dubbed "Action man"


I am in day to day work designing and implementing the larger enemy encounters in Squadron 42.


Thank you for your time!

/Mats Alexander Mattias Thambert


Currently working at Cloud Imperium Games as a member of the FPS team for the Squadron 42 Project.

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