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Mobile Puzzle game

"The spirits of an enchanted forest have made a discovery! Someone has left them a boat: a piece of bark as a hull and a leaf its only sail. Now, they will travel along the river and help the boat reach the far ocean, but they also need your help!"



A puzzle game adapted for use on a mobile platform, inspired by Aquavias and can be described as a relaxing version of "Pipe Dream".

Connect the path by tapping on the tiles while a variety of mechanics are introduced to complicate matters.



  • 6 weeks half time

  • Genre: 3d puzzle game

  • Engine: Unity

  • Puzzle sketches in: Tiled​

  • Level design partner:
    David Haddad

The team:

  • 5 Game Programmers

  • 2 Animators

  • 4 Game Artists

  • 2 Level Designers


My Contributions

For this project, my level design partner David and I created 30 puzzles set in 3 unique worlds. Each world introduces its own additional game mechanics. We decided upon a workflow where we each created 10 puzzles for a specific world and then had a meeting where we discussed the pros and cons of what we had and choose the 10 puzzles we wanted to further develop. In the end, we managed an even 15/15 split of puzzles.

We also worked together with the programmers to plan a creation pipeline that fit both us and them and set upon creating our planned puzzles in Unity. 

Lastly came the never-ending quest to decorate the levels, to make the world feel alive with a cozy atmosphere. I worked closely with the 3d artists to make sure what I built matched the planned vision, to the point that I instructed them on how to work in certain levels I felt stuck with.

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