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2d platformer game

"A young girl is lured into a dark cave
and must now use her newfound abilities
to jump, dash and smash her way forward"



A 2d platformer inspired by Celeste, with a big focus on mood and story.

Featuring music from "Danheim" 



  • 8 weeks half time

  • Genre: 2d platformer game

  • Engine: TGA 2D

  • Level Editor: Tiled

  • Level design partner:
    Alexander Sjöberg

The team:

  • 6 Game Programmers

  • 2 Animators

  • 4 Game Artists

  • 2 Level Designers


My Contributions

For Descent, I had a big influence over the over-arching flow and act structure of this Celeste inspired platformer.

I was in charge of making our zones distinct in both game-play and visuals. I did this by figuring out what we would need from the graphical team to be able to create it.

I was also in charge of making sure the Tiled to TGA2D pipeline worked, figuring out what works, and had meetings with my level designer partner Alexander Sjöberg to figure out how we could re-structure our level flow to fit within the parameters we had for our levels, such as a rather limiting max size on the amount of tiles per zone.

Additionally, I did some workflow optimizing, setting up auto-tilesets in Tiled to make the drawing of floors and walls more efficient.


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