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Zelda-like RPG game

"After crash landing on a strange island, you must fight off monsters
and solve puzzles in order to rebuild your ship and go home"



A Zelda-like game featuring 3 mini-dungeons and an overworld connecting everything.

Keep yourself safe with a variety of tools, such as a grappling hook and strength gauntlets.

Explore and keep yourself safe from the Goblin hordes swarming the island.



  • 8 weeks half time

  • Genre: 2d Adventure RPG

  • Engine: TGA 2d

  • Level Editor: Tiled​

  • Level design partners:
    Alexander Holmqvist &
    Viktor Lundblad Åfors

The team:

  • 5 Game Programmers

  • 2 Animators

  • 3 Game Artists

  • 3 Level Designers


My Contributions

In this Zelda-like RPG, I was the primary blocker / Level designer for the overworld. We as a group agreed on a concept and then I structured the flow around the island.

I had a big role in establishing the pipeline and what metrics fit the tools we had, this was a project where we level designers worked in Tiled and exported it to TGA 2D.

I was involved in project management as well, setting up a structure for seeing how much work was left in an easy and readable way within a scrum workflow.

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